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CrossFit Lilburn 678 will help you
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  • Gain Muscle Mass.
  • Achieve Your Goals.

How CrossFit Lilburn 678 Began

My name is Dr. Robert Pruni – I am the owner and operator of CrossFit Lilburn 678 and this is my story. I have been an athlete all my life and up until 4 years ago I had never heard of CrossFit. I had an interest in competing on American Ninja Warrior and prior to that I was training for American Gladiators. One of my friends and fellow trainers put me through CrossFit style workouts with constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. The result was I won the tryout for American Gladiators.

It was about this time that I heard the television show American Ninja Warrior was now in the United States. I knew the CrossFit style training got me in the best shape of my life for American Gladiators so I dove right in and joined a local CrossFit box.

Not only did I get in even better shape than I had been before but I was completely hooked on the CrossFit Lifestyle. Flash forward to my first season of American Ninja Warrior which was season 5. I didn’t perform as well as I would have liked but didn’t do bad. The issue was technique not fitness or conditioning.

Now that I was addicted to Ninja Warrior I knew I had to build obstacles to practice. Knowing my CrossFit passion I went to some local CrossFit gyms to see if I could build some obstacles. The gyms simply did not have the room necessary to accommodate my needs. This is where my vision was born to combine my two passions and create a CrossFit Gym where athletes could hone their ninja skills on real to scale obstacles based on American Ninja Warrior.

CrossFit Lilburn 678/NinjaKour is the largest CrossFit Ninja Warrior Course in the U.S.

We take great pride in our programming and has something for everyone. Many parents come for CrossFit while their children take on the Ninja obstacles with the help of our Professional Ninja Coaches. For our members who have limitations I am a chiropractor and rehabilitation doctor and can adapt and modify movements to reach your goals and avoid injury!

Our Coaches